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Craig Hobson, LCSW

Changes are constantly happening.  They happen in our world, in our relationships, in our families, and in ourselves.  Change is inevitable as we work, learn, and play. Your changes may have you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or sad right now.  Your changes may actually have you feeling that things will always be “this way”.

You have made a wise choice by considering the therapeutic process as a way of coping with your changes.  Though this new opportunity may feel just as intimidating as your changes, I hope that we can work together to make it also be comforting and reassuring.  

I have been working as a social worker for over 13 years.  The children, adolescents, and families with whom I have worked over the years have developed ways to increase important skills for communicating with others and for coping with strong emotions.  Co-creating these skills and using them to face challenging changes is at the heart of a fruitful therapeutic relationship. I can’t wait to start this process with you.