Executive Functioning

Executive functions are a set of skills that help the brain organize and act on information. These skills enable people to plan, organize, remember things, prioritize, pay attention and get started on tasks. They also help people use information and experiences from the past to solve current problems.

If someone has executive functioning issues, any task requiring these skills could be a challenge. Executive functioning issues aren’t considered a disability on their own. They’re weaknesses in a key set of mental skills. And they often appear individuals with learning and attention issues.

At Formative Psychological Services, we can complete an assessment of an individual’s executive functioning skills. We also offer executive functioning coaching both on an individual and group basis. Our practitioners can collaborate with families and schools in order to determine how best to support someone with executive functioning issues. Our work with individuals, families, and schools can include assistance with keeping track of time, getting organized, breaking down tasks into a series of steps, making plans, applying previously learned information to solve problems, analyzing ideas, and looking for help or more information when needed.

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