Ivy Jordan, Ph.D.


My philosophy in life is to move through life with no regrets and being kind and gentle to yourself. I live by that philosophy and hope to empower others with the same mindset. 

Some people seek therapy because they feel stuck in life, want to better understand themselves, or are facing stress, sadness, or major life changes. I understand that you are the one person who knows yourself best. Together you and I can work toward you moving forward to meet your full potential. 

My goal is to help you discover your path forward in a safe, supportive, and open-minded space. I have 15 years of extensive training with evidence-based treatments for decreasing behavior problems and improving social skills with children and adolescents. My training expands from community settings, family courts, public and therapeutic day schools. From work experiences, my passion is to collaborate and use a strength based approach when working with families.

I also provide psychoeducational assessments services to children and adults. My assessments provide you a clinical picture of what is currently going on for you (or your child) and treatment recommendations on how to get you to where you want to be. 

I hope that I can be the connection for you on your journey to happiness.