John Frampton, Psy.D.


Hello, and thank you for your interest in learning more about me. I am a Clinical Psychologist, but am also referred to as a therapist, helper, or neuropsychologist. I help children, adolescents, and adults who wish they could feel better, could manage their emotions in a more helpful or effective way, or who cringe when they think of themselves in social situations.

I believe in you.

I help people overcome the barriers to their personal goals in a variety of ways so that they can experience life and satisfaction more fully. I do this first by earning your trust, and understanding fully the world in which you live and have lived in by listening, asking, and attending to you. I also help by using my knowledge and experiences as a helper for 18 years as a private therapist, school Principal, husband, and father. I am very proud of and humbled by the relationships I have established and improvements those I have worked with have made.

You may be struggling with your emotions, or with understanding why you feel bad right now. You may also be struggling with your child and how best to respond to their needs. You may want to get them the support they seem to need to help put that smile back on their face. You may want to understand what is getting in the way of your child learning better or performing well in school. I can help you with these issues using therapy from a variety of different methods including cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, dialectic behavioral, or psychodynamic therapy. I can also help young people with school-based learning issues by conducting a neuropsychological assessment to understand their learning profile thoroughly with the purpose of providing understanding and increased support for them.

I believe that our work together will change things
for you in a really good way.

If you’re looking for help with your situation... call me today.