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Staff Publications & Presentations

Dr. Flora Lazar, June, 2018 Paper Presentation

Redefining Safety: Trauma on Campus and in the Consulting Room for the

May 4th, 2018 Spring Speaker Series

LGBTQ Affirming Therapy Training @CenterOnHalsted
FPS sponsored speakers Caitlin Tupper and Luis Couret

February 13, 2018

Executive Functioning in Youth to the Professionals in Learning Disabilities group.
Dr. John Frampton & Dr. Ashley Mayworm

January 30, 2018

Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the Schools to NTDSE support staff
Dr. John Frampton

January 26, 2018

School Refusal in High School to the Transitions Action Network for Mental Health at Oakton Community College
Dr. John Frampton & Dr. Flora Lazar

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