We provide consultation on a variety of ways and levels. Our practitioners are currently working on a weekly basis within a special education cooperative providing direct therapeutic support to individuals and families. We also provide support and professional development to staff on relevant clinical and educational issues. Please contact us if you or your school is in need of brief or ongoing consultative services.

We are proud of our on-going school partnerships that include the following schools:

  • Maine Township High School District 207

  • Niles Township District for Special Education #807

  • Yorkville CUSD 115

Consultation services have been provided on the topics of:

  • Executive Functioning

  • Autism programming

  • Emotional Disability programming

  • Family Therapy services

  • School-based neuropsychological assessments

We have developed Project Alliance that provides on-site family therapy services using the Family Check-Up model to support students ant their families.  The model offers a flexible and often solution-focused approach to meet a variety of needs, and with teh ultimate goal of supporting the student's learning.  For more information on Project Alliance, please call Dr. John Frampton at 872-241-9337 x1.


Are you in need of FPS's school consultation services? 

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