Steven C. Affinati, MS, AMFT


I have passion from many things. For example, I love to read and will read just about anything by anyone. I have passion for my hometown, Chicago. I am passionate about travels, journeys, adventures – both within and outside ourselves. I am passionate about caring and paying attention. Witnessing and listening. I love meeting people. I love forming new connections. I love re-orienting and re-imagining. And while I accept that life will always have pains and disappointments, heartbreaks and absurdity, I dedicate myself to reducing, tempering, and even eliminating unnecessary suffering, conflict, and distress.

People come to therapy seeking change. Change could be in outlook, in relating, problem-solving, self-development, tendencies and patterns, and whole lot more. Often, seeking therapy, we may not have any idea of what may change might look like or how it could really happen. Which is why the relationship between client(s) and therapist is the quintessence of therapy . We want someone who will ‘get’ us. We want someone we feel a confidence with. We want a person with whom we can work.

Relationships matter. How we relate to others, and how others relate to us, whether past, present, or anticipated, are all often more important than we can realize. That’s why I purposefully chose to train as a marriage and family therapist. Whether working with individuals, a few siblings, a whole family, or a couple, my approach ultimately boils down to understanding individuals within a true biopsychosocial context.

How do we work? As a therapist, as a person, I find curiosity, imagination, sound knowledge, and deliberate problem-solving are often key ingredients in accomplishing any goals we may have. Technically, I am integrative in my approach. We may focus on self-development, behaviors, a past or present relationship, emotional regulation and/or skill development, and more through a collaborative and tailored process we discover and implement the best

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